Monday, 18 May 2009

Lariam and the Swine Flu

Two oddities I've experienced in my preparations today.

Firstly, Lariam or Mefloquine - the new wonder malaria pill that perhaps sends you mad or gives you a heart attack costs a whopping 1,500 yen or $15 a pill in Japan. Considering we need 50 of the little buggers, I've decided to try and buy malaria prophylactics once we get to Argentina. My god, no wonder Japanese people only go to Italy, Guam and Hawaii.

On the plus side, because of the N1H1 virus epidemic (which has jumped exponentially from 20 cases in Japan to 140 in one day) the doctor's surgery was empty. All the usual mothers with their kids and bored old people are forgoeing the pleasure of a visit to the local clinic. Marvellous. We only waited 5 minutes for the receptionist to tell us that the doctor would not see us or advise us or prescribe for us anything to do with malaria pills. What a dick! At the least the refusal was quick.

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